Giving is Good For You by John Nickson

Giving is Good For You

“John Nickson, one of the UK’s most successful fundraisers, shines a rare light on how little the rich give. This is a more than important book which, in an age of austerity, could change lives”

Jon Snow.

“Spread the word-giving money away feels good. In fact, it is exhilarating. And it changes lives. John Nickson knows more about philanthropy than anyone I know and explains that altruism and generous acts of giving are vital to ethical societies”

Helena Kennedy,QC

Britain is an unequal society. Growing inequality and poverty are a threat to everyone. Research shows that the most unequal societies are the most dysfunctional, unhealthy and violent.

Despite colossal growth in personal wealth in Britain in the last thirty years, there is no evidence that the wealthy are contributing more. During the same period, charitable giving has not increased in real terms.

A small minority of the rich is exceptionally generous. The author interviewed donors in various parts of Britain. They are frustrated with their peers who do not give and urge them to follow their example. They argue that in addition to enhancing public benefit, giving money can be personally fulfilling.

Altruism has given the human species an evolutionary advantage. We are supposed to give because it is good for us from every perspective.