Below are links to just a few of his latest talks and articles:

Oxford Union
Read John’s speech for the Oxford Union: This House believes that there is nothing wrong in spending more on looking good than doing good

Berlin Social Science Centre
Read John’s speech for the Berlin Social Science Centre: The Art and Science of Asking and Giving

Financial Times
A specially commissioned article for the Financial Times: Britain needs to return the Victorian tradition of philanthropy – The Financial Times (08.07.13)

A letter published in the Financial Times on 16.09.15 in response to the editorial “Charitable giving cannot substitute for the state”

Interview for the Royal College of Music
An interview for the Royal College of Music on music and giving to charitable organisations

Copy of a speech delivered to a plenary session of The UK Community Foundations conference, Belfast, Friday 24 September 2015

Community Foundations and our need to invest in the common good

Remarks by John Nickson on the publication of the report Art For All by Dr. Helen Bowcock at a reception held at the House of St Barnabus, Soho, London, 26th April , 2017

Remarks by John Nickson on the publication of the report Art For All


A selection of John’s other recent articles is also available to download below:

Why philanthropists should not support the arts

Why art and philanthropy are natural partners

Alliance speaking notes

Are we doing a good job? – The Arts Marketing Journal (14.02.14)

Why giving matters and how education could lead to more philanthropy – Lecture to the International Conference of the Council for the Advancement and Support for Education (28.08.13)

Does arts fundraising need to improve? Are we in danger of being complacent? – IOF Cultural Conference Blog (07.03.14)